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Why should I get involved in a Life Group?

We believe that the church is a product of the relationships of the people within it. Believers can find themselves reaching new levels in the Lord as they experience the friendship, accountability, support, and community that can be found in Life groups.


Who can attend?

Everyone! Church membership is not required and we welcome your friends and family outside of West Logan Church of God to join us as well!


What can I expect when I attend a Life Group?

Life Groups model the beginning of the church as found in Acts 2:42-47. Each group will have time for the following; Teaching (bible studies, DVDs, books, devotions, etc.), Fellowship, Breaking of Bread (meals/snacks are enjoyed by most), Prayer, and Care.


How are Life Groups Structured?

Everyone is different: we all have our own unique interests and personalities. Our Life Groups are just as unique as we are! Groups may be structured by gender, stage of life, age, interest or topic. Our Life Groups range from support groups to Bible Studies, to Bowling, and groups for parents and their children.


How often are Life Groups offered?

Life Groups occur in two semesters: Spring and Fall. Each semester lasts approximately 13 weeks and will break during the summer months. Each semester is short enough that it is not a life commitment and just long enough to make some friends!


Can I sign up after the semester begins?

Absolutely! We realize that you may be looking to join a connect group once the groups have begun. Space is always available!



What if the group I attend isn't the right fit for me?

No problem! Everyone has different personalities and different tastes. We want your experience with Life Groups to be a positive one and that may mean trying one or two groups before you find the right fit. If you would like to change your group assignment, you may contact the church office or our Life Group Pastor!


How do I get more information and/or a referral to a specific group that is right for me?


You may contact Pastor Valerie Robinson by email at

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