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Our Mission

Know God

God desires to know us personally. More than anything, He desires to have a relationship with us. Join us for our Sunday Morning Worship Services and learn more about how you can come to know God even deeper and how to grow closer to Him.

Find freedom

God doesn't just want to have a relationship with Him, but He also wants us to live and walk in Freedom. He did not design us to do this alone! He designed to walk this journey with one another. One of the ways we do this at West Logan Church, is by getting connected to one of our Life Groups.

God has a plan to carry out in this world, in this community and in this church, and He needs US to see it come to pass. We are all valuable! God has placed gifts and talents inside of all of us to fulfill His purpose in our lives. Until we discover that purpose, life just doesn't make sense. Discover the gifts and talents that God can use in your life by attending our Growth Track class, offered on a monthly basis.

God wants to use the gifts and talents He has placed inside of us to make a difference in the lives of others. We want to give everyone an opportunity to live out their callings at West Logan Church by serving on our Dream Team. Experience true joy by serving in our local church and community.

discover purpose

make a difference

Our local Mission to touch our community as a church is fulfilled through our forty Life Groups, where we bring a community of fellowship to believers.  Missions are the heart of our church through feeding kids through our backpack program, pouring ourselves into the Homeschool ministry, and feeding families in the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  


Also, we heavily support World Missions by supporting the Ministry to Israel to fulfill the biblical prophecy of returning Jews from all over the world back to Israel.  In Africa, we support Pastor Paddy Musoke, in his effort on digging wells in small villages to give communities fresh drinking water.  Each community we help Pastor Paddy dig a new well usually wins the entire village to Christ.  The villages can have anywhere between four hundred to eight hundred people.  In the last six years, we have dug sixteen wells.  


Every Sunday is a mission field for us at West Logan Church of God.  In today's world we must reach every walk of life, no matter the cost.  Our live band each Sunday comes prepared to bring us into the presence of God as Pastor Scotty brings a relevant message from the truth of God's word that will challenge, inspire and encourage your life.  Each service is power packed by engaging with a community of believers at our Cafe in the GYM, while we have three areas for kids to receive ministry.  Lightkeepers kids are broken up into two age groups at our child check-in station.  We minister to kids of the age of three to five years old and six to twelve years old.  The Nursery Ministry is always geared up and excited to take your child, and we offer this ministry to kids between the ages of zero to two years old.  Check us out in one of our two worship experiences on Sunday mornings.  

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